Readers are people who can view your knowledge base. You can restrict access to your knowledge base or certain content based on reader logins. Readers can be created manually using Add Single Reader or Create from Spreadsheet but can also be automatically created using remote authentication or SSO. 

The following fields are available for readers:

  • Login / Username (must be an email address for self-administered passwords to work)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Picture / Icon (used with comments)
  • Password
    • Email reader a randomly generated temporary password upon creation
    • Assign a custom temporary password (no email is sent)
  • Groups
  • Help Site Access
  • Custom Fields 1-5

There are merge codes available for readers which allow you to display individual reader information inside your knowledge base or drive conditional content or logic from these fields. You can use the custom fields to store additional information about each individual reader.

You can assign your readers to specific groups and then restrict categories and articles to only those groups you want to have access. You can create as many groups as you like.

Readers are account wide, so if you have multiple knowledge bases, you will want to choose which help site (knowledge base) each reader belongs to.

While you can create readers individually, we do have the ability to create readers from a spreadsheet if you have a lot of users. Here is an example csv file showing you how to format the list. After selecting your file, you will be able to map the columns from your spreadsheet with the reader fields. You can also choose to assign all readers to certain groups and help sites.

Under Settings, you can choose whether you want to manage readers' passwords or allow the to manage their own (they can request password resets to their email address). If you allow readers to manage their own passwords, you can also set how own their passwords expire (Password Expiration Interval) and how often they can reuse a password (Repeat Password Limitations). 

Reader Password Expiration Intervals

  • Never
  • Every Month
  • Every 2 Months
  • Every 3 Months
  • Every 6 Months
  • Every Year

Reader Repeat Password Limitations

  • None
  • Cannot use previous password
  • Cannot use previous 2 passwords
  • Cannot use previous 3 passwords
  • Cannot use previous 4 passwords
  • Cannot use previous 5 passwords

If you are using self-administered passwords, you can also choose to add a reader signup link to your login page. This way, readers can sign up and receive a password on their own without having to contact you.

There is also an option to allow KnowledgeOwl users to log in as readers, which is on by default. This way, your users do not need separate usernames and passwords to access your knowledge bases.

For an additional level of control and security, you can restrict readers to only be able to log in from a list of specified IP addresses.