Article Object

Field Overview

Name Type Example Notes
project_id String 559f118932131c6576ccb5be *Required unique identifier
status String published *Required. Can be one of the following: 'ready', 'rejected', 'published', 'review', 'deleted'.
url_hash URL safe string article-name *Required. Permalinks (url_hash) must be lowercase and not include any illegal URL characters.
visibility String public *Required. Can be either 'public' or 'custom'. Custom is used for articles restricted to reader groups.
name String Article Title *Required
current_version String / HTML Body content of the article. *Required
toc_title String Short Title Shorter version of the title which will be displayed in the table of contents.
category String 56ae702491121c3e6ef2425d Unique ID references a category object.
application_screens Array ['/app/index', '/app/home'] Used with the embeddable widgets to suggest articles based off of end-user's current URI.
modified_author String Unique ID referencing an agent object.
index Int 1 The order in which the article will be displayed within its container.
category_view String 56ae702491121c3e6ef2425d Unique ID referencing a category object. If the category referenced is of type 'content', this article will be used as the category landing page.
prevent_searching Boolean false Ignore this article from search results.
hide_from_toc Boolean false Do not display this article in the table of contents.
remove_pdf Boolean false Remove the download to PDF icon from this article.
remove_feedback Boolean false Remove the feedback / rating form for this article.
remove_comments Boolean false Remove the comments form for this article.
callout String new Can be one of the following: 'new', 'updated'.
callout_expire Unix UTC Timestamp 1456953432 Callouts will be ignored if current date is past the callout_expire date.
callout_video Boolean false Indicates the article contains a video.
reader_roles Array ['53fea499fe775a996c00000c', '53fea499fe775a996c00000d'] Array of unique IDs referencing reader_roles objects. Article viewing will be restricted to those reader groups.
related_articles Array ['56ae706091121c6c70f24276', '56ae706091121c6c70f24275'] Array of unique IDs referencing article objects.
author String 53fea499fe775a996c00000c Unique ID referencing an agent object.
user_teams Array ['53fea499fe775a996c00000c', '56ae706091121c6c70f24275'] Unique IDs referencing user_team objects.
tags Array ['53fea499fe775a996c00000c', '56ae706091121c6c70f24275'] Unique IDs referencing tag objects.
search_phrases Array ['search phrase one', 'search phrase two'] Lowercase phrases that when searched will pull this article up first.

Example Response

stdClass Object
    [valid] => 1
    [data] => stdClass Object
            [id] => 56ae706091121c6c70f24276
            [type] => article
            [summary] => ...
            [project_id] => 559f118932131c6576ccb5be
            [name] => Article Object
            [searchTitle] => Array (
                    [en] => Article Object
            [toc_title] => Article
            [languages] => 
            [current_version] => Array (
                    [en] => Array
                            [title] => Article Object
                            [text] => {content}
            [visibility] => public
            [view_count] => 
            [category] => 56ae702491121c3e6ef2425d
            [application_screens] => Array (
            		[0] => 
            [current_version_id] => 56ae772691121cb126f24184
            [current_version_number] => 1
            [date_created] => 01/31/2016 1:36 pm MST
            [date_modified] => 01/31/2016 2:17 pm MST
            [date_published] => 
            [date_deleted] => 
            [modified_author] => 52d9a8dbfe775ad80d000001
            [status] => draft
            [index] => 1
            [category_view] => 
            [prevent_searching] => 
            [hide_from_toc] => 
            [remove_pdf] => 
            [remove_feedback] => 
            [remove_comments] => 
            [url_hash] => article
            [callout] => none
            [callout_expire] => 1456953432
            [callout_video] => 
            [auto_save] => Array (
                    [time] => 1454294057
                    [authorID] => 52d9a8dbfe775ad80d000001
                    [content] => {content}
            [reader_roles] => 
            [pdf] => /help/pdfexport/id/56ae706091121c6c70f24276
            [related_articles] => Array (
            		[0] => 
            [content_article] => 
            [article_link] => 
            [redirect_link] => 
            [author] => 52d9a8dbfe775ad80d000001
            [user_teams] => 
            [tags] => 
            [search_phrases] =>