Category Object

Field Overview

project_idString559f118932131c6576ccb5be*Required unique identifier
statusStringactive*Required. Can be one of the following: 'active',  'deleted'.
url_hashURL safe stringcategory-name*Required. Permalinks (url_hash) must be lowercase and not include any illegal URL characters.
visibilityStringpublic*Required. Can be either 'public' or 'custom'. Custom is used for categories restricted to reader groups.
nameArray['en' => 'Category Name']*Required. Names are stored by 2 letter language code.
typeStringbasic*Required. Can be one of the following: basic, content, blog, topic, or redirect.
toc_titleArray['en' => 'Short Name']Shorter version of the title which will be displayed in the table of contents.
faq_displayStringcontentCan be one of the following: 'content', 'description'.
toc_hide_childrenBooleanfalseHide all child content from table of contents.
indexInt1The order in which the category will be displayed within its container.
descriptionStringThis is the description for a category
hide_from_tocBooleanfalseDo not display this article in the table of contents.
parent_idString559f118932131c6576ccb5beUnique ID referencing parent category object.
cat_toggle_overrideStringcollapseCan be set to one of the following: 'collapse', 'open'.
reader_rolesArray['53fea499fe775a996c00000c', '53fea499fe775a996c00000d']Array of unique IDs referencing reader_roles objects. Article viewing will be restricted to those reader groups.
user_teamsArray['53fea499fe775a996c00000c', '56ae706091121c6c70f24275']Unique IDs referencing user_team objects.

Example Response

stdClass Object
    [valid] => 1
    [data] => stdClass Object
            [id] => 56ae702491121c3e6ef2425d
            [type] => basic
            [project_id] => 559f118932131c6576ccb5be
            [name] => Array (
                    [en] => Objects
            [toc_title] => Array (
                    [en] => 
            [faq_display] => description
            [toc_hide_children] => 
            [description] => 
            [languages] => 
            [visibility] => public
            [parent_id] => 559f1194ed121c95258b45c9
            [url_hash] => objects
            [application_screens] => Array (
                    [0] => 
            [date_created] => 
            [date_modified] => 01/31/2016 3:36 pm EST
            [date_published] => 
            [status] => active
            [index] => 2
            [cat_toggle_override] => open
            [reader_roles] => 
            [hide_from_toc] => 
            [category_link] => 
            [redirect_link] => 
            [user_teams] =>