Custom Colors

Our theme designer allows you to customize your knowledge base colors. Click on a color to change it using the color wheel or enter a hexadecimal color code of your choice.

Don't know the color hex codes off the top of your head? Pull your colors from a website or image, or use one of our pre-built color palettes to get started. 

Color categories

Below is a list of what each color category governs by default in new and uncustomized knowledge bases.

Note: your knowledge base may have specific custom CSS, HTML, or snippets that may override these settings.

Header Background

Governs the color background of the top navigation bar in your knowledge base.

Column Background

Governs the background color for "column" sections of your knowledge base. For most knowledge bases, this will change the background color for your knowledge base footer and the table of contents.

Highlights & Accents

Governs the colors of:

  • All hyperlinks (homepage widgets, in category and subcategory landing pages, in search results, in the Contact Form, and in articles)
  • Border highlighting around the category tiles on the home page on-hover
  • Icons in the Table of Contents
  • Article breadcrumbs and action icons
  • Search Results breadcrumbs and article titles
  • The border highlighting of the search bar when it has focus
  • All buttons (logins, etc.)

Header Text

Governs the font color for your top navigation links and the table of contents icon.

Column Text

Governs the color of the text in your Table of Contents.

Header Tags

Governs the colors of:

  • The headers for the home page widgets (New Articles, etc.)
  • All headings in articles: article title, any headings in the article body, and the Related Articles heading
  • The "Search results for..." header on the Search Results page
  • The header on the Contact Form once it's opened