Customising your domain

Each knowledge base has its own unique KnowledgeOwl subdomain, like ours is "". Your domain can be customized under Settings > Basic, in the Domain Settings section:

You can also set up a private domain (your own custom URL with no reference to KnowledgeOwl) and point that to your KnowledgeOwl subdomain. You or your webmaster will need to add a CNAME record for your subdomain. Once created, the private domain may take up to 24 hours to be fully synced.

You can optionally choose to set up a secure private domain that allows for SSL links. You will need to upload your site certificate, chain, and key.

To upload them, go to Settings > Basic, to the Domain Settings section. If you haven't already set up a private domain, click the Add private domain link. If you have already set up a private domain, click the wrench next to your private domain name:

This will open a Private Domain Setup pop-up, where you can specify your Private Domain Name and upload your SSL Site Certificate, Site Certificate Chain, and Site Key. Click Save once you've finished it:

Once you confirm your private domain is properly displaying your knowledge base, select the checkbox to Force SSL links. This will cause your knowledge base to be served over https rather than http:

You can also check the box to "Enable private domain links" so that the View KB link and links inside the editor will go to your private domain: