Adding Files and Images

To add multiple files and images at once, you can use the "Add Files" button located at the top of the file library tab here:

Adding Images and File Inside of Articles

To add images or files into your articles, edit your article and click on the Add Image / File button on the left. You will be shown the 10 most recently uploaded files from your library, but you can also search your library for file names. Another option is to simply upload and insert a new file from your computer which will then be available in your library for future use.

Editing and Swapping Files

After you have uploaded a file, you may want to change the name of it for easier searching. This can be easily done by clicking on the edit link underneath the file in the file library.

You may end up using a file in a lot of articles and then realize that you actually need a different version of the file. The good news is that by editing the file and uploading a new one, everywhere that you used the file previously will automatically update with the new file. This can be great when you are documenting software that changes a lot. Upload initially and then edit and re-upload whenever necessary.

Obtain a URL to Your File Library File

There are a few places within KnowledgeOwl where you might need to have the URL to your image; for example when specifying a background image. 

To obtain the URL to your uploaded file, find that file within your file library and click the link to open that image. 

This will open the image in your browser. Copy the URL from your address bar to use it where you need!

File Upload Errors

We currently restrict files to be no bigger than 200MB. If you need to upload a file that is larger than this, please contact us and we will make sure your file gets into your knowledge base.