Search for Articles

REST method: GET


Required fields: project_id={knowledge base ID}, _authbykey={KnowledgeOwl API Key}, phrase={search term}

You may use this endpoint to retrieve a list of articles using our custom search algorithms. Full article objects are not returned. Instead, the data returned may be used to build links to the article. You may also use the returned article IDs to query the GET article endpoint.

Filtering Results

You may filter results by passing fields like so:
This example call will return only articles that are published.

You may create more complex filters like so:
This example call will return articles that are either set to published or set to needs review.

Limiting Returned Fields

To reduce the amount of information returned, you may include which fields should be returned like so:
This example will only return data for the status field of the articles.

Limit Results

To limit the number of returned results, use the following format: