Test access based on reader roles

When logged into the knowledge base as a user, you will be able to simulate what the site looks like for different groups by click on Change Reader Groups. If you want to actually test the readers, follow these instructions:

  • Setting > Security is set to "Restrict by reader logins"
  • You are already logged in as another reader, and
  • You do not have a Logout link in the top navigation bar
  •  Setting > Basic allows for "Add a reader login / logout link" and
  • You do not have a Logout link in the top navigation bar...
  1. Go to your knowledge base home page. The URL should end in "/help", "/home", or "/docs".
  2. Append "/readerlogout" to the end of the URL. The URL should now end in "/help/readerlogout", "/home/readerlogout", or "/docs/readerlogout"
  3. Hit enter (or return) to go to this new URL.
  4. Log in to your help site with the reader you wish to test.
If neither option above is specified...
  1. Go to Settings > Basic.
  2. Select the option to "Add a reader login / logout link".
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click View KB.
  5. Click on Login in the top navigation bar to log in as the reader you wish to test.*

*The login button will not automatically appear if the Body HTML under Settings > Style has been modified. The Login and Logout buttons can be added by using the following merge code: [template ("login")]. If you do not wish to add these buttons, you can follow the first set of instructions to Test access based on Reader Roles, which allows you to log in and log out by altering the URL.