Use secure links (SSL/HTTPS )

You can choose to Force SSL links so that your knowledge base will load using "https" rather than "http". SSL links ensure that all data passed between the visitor and the site is encrypted.

To use this setting, check the box next to Force SSL under Settings > Basic > Domain Setting > Knowledge Base Protocol and save.

Force SSL option under Settings > Basic

If someone tries to go to a non-secure link, they will be redirected to the secure version of the link.

All KnowledgeOwl subdomains can use SSL links and have the option to Force SSL (http links will redirect to https).

However, if you have a private domain, you will need to add your site SSL certification, chain, and key to make SSL links works. Learn more about setting up a private domain in our Private Domain guide.

We recommend everyone choose Force SSL links. It is the default for all new knowledge bases, and most major browsers (including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) began marking all HTTP websites as "not secure" in 2018.