Using H5 and H6 as Standard Formatting

Since some people don't typically use H5 and H6 headings we have an alternate solution that can come in handy. This solution allows you to take advantage of the H5 and H6 default formatting and create some formatting that you can use over and over again. Users have found this handy for tips, warnings or a fun way to pull out certain text. 

You will not be able to see these changes in the editor. You will only be able to see them from the Preview or Live Link. 


To get started go to Settings > Style > Custom CSS. Next we'll use the H5 and H6's to create some custom text formatting. 

In my example I changed the font, color and size but the combinations are endless! 

To test, create or go to an existing article and click on the formatting tool in the WYSIWYG. If no formatting has been selected it will say "Normal". 

Once you have selected your formatting Preview or test in your live link. Your formatting will carry over. Now you can use that same formatting time and time again!