Manage Articles filters: now with Included and Excluded Tags filters

We've split out the existing Tags filter in the Manage articles interface to give you more filtering options: Included Tags and Excluded Tags.

Here are the details:

  • The existing Tags filter has been renamed to Included Tags. Adding tags here will show only those articles that have (or include) these tags. This is the same behavior the Tags filter always had.
  • We've added a new Excluded Tags filter. Adding tags here will remove/exclude articles that contain these tags.

For example, this filter will pull all articles that have the "int: ref-settings-basic" tag but do NOT have the "int: ref-private-domain" tag:

Sample filter using both Included and Excluded Tags

As before, adding multiple tags in either place treats those as "OR" filters--with multiple Included Tags, you'll get articles that include any of those tags; with multiple Excluded Tags, you'll exclude articles that have any of those tags.

For more information and a more detailed walkthrough, see Included Tags vs. Excluded Tags.

We hope these separate filters make it easier for you to generate content audit lists or complete bulk edit actions faster. Let us know what you think!