HTML Zip export

Create an HTML Zip export of your knowledge base for use as a back-up.


The HTML Zip export creates a zip file containing files for each of your articles and folders for each category/subcategory. The export will also include an "images" folder which contains all the files uploaded to your File Library and referenced in your articles, and the articles linked to those files will update to that path (images/file-name) rather than the URL used in your File Library.

You can decide whether to include articles in a draft publishing state.

You can use this zip export for:

  • Back-ups (for redundancy, piece of mind, or audits)
  • Exporting your content for import into another tool/platform

You can regenerate and download an updated HTML zip file at any time. You can also download a previously-generated export without generating a new one.

Creating an HTML Zip export

To create an HTML Zip export of your knowledge base:

  1. Go to Knowledge Base > Exports.
  2. Click on the HTML Zip tab.
    1. By default, exports will not include draft articles. Check the box next to "Include draft articles" to include them.
    2. Click the Save and Re-Generate HTML Export button to generate a new HTML export.
    3. Click the Download button to download the export zip file. You can come to this page at any time to download an already-existing export, or generate a new one each time.
    4. The "Last generated on" statement will show you the timestamp of the last generated export.