Tags usage report

In the Tags Library, you can generate a Tags Usage Report to help you audit your tags.

This report comes in CSV format, with three columns:

  • Tag Name: the text of the tag as it appears in your knowledge base
  • Article Usage: a count of all the non-deleted articles that use this tag
  • Category Usage: a count of all the topic display and custom content categories that use this tag

How do I generate a report?

To generate a tags usage report:

  1. Go to Library > Tags.
  2. Select the link to Generate Usage Report.
  3. You'll see a progress spinner while the usage report is being generated.
  4. Once it finishes, the text will change to a link prompting you to Download Usage Report.
  5. Click that link to download the CSV.

Additional actions will depend on which browser you're using.

How can I use this report?

The tag usage report is great for tag audits. It can help you identify tags:

  • That aren't used anywhere (have 0 Article Usage and 0 Category Usage), which are "safe" to delete: Sort by the Article Usage column and review
  • That are slight variations or duplicates of each other so they can be merged: Sort by the Tag Name column and review
  • With low usage overall that might be candidates for deletion, merging, or editing: Sort by the Article Usage or Category Usage columns and review
  • Identify tags that are misspelled or improperly formatted for editing: Sort by the Tag Name column and review

What does it look like?

Here's a sample of the top of our tag usage report, sorted by the Article Usage column: