Allow reader signups

You can allow your readers to sign up for access to your reader login restricted knowledge base. On your login page, this will add a link for those without an account to sign up for access.

Set Up Reader Signups

  1. Go to Your Account > Readers > Settings.
  2. Make sure that Password Management is set to "Allow readers to administer their own passwords".
  3. Scroll down to Reader Signups under Self-Administered Reader Options to choose "Allow people to sign up to become a reader".
  4. You can also choose to  set up notifications emails if you want to be alerted when new readers sign up. Notifications are especially helpful if you want to manually add the reader to groups to give them access to restricted content or you require approval before the new reader can access the site.
  5.  If you want to require approval, choose "Require a KnowledgeOwl admin to approve new reader access" and be sure to set up notification emails so you are alerted when a new reader has requested access.
  6. Save.

Add custom fields to the reader signup form

By default, the reader signup form requires an email, first name, and last name. You can choose to include up to 5 additional fields that will be mapped to reader custom fields 1-5. 

Reader signup custom fields

To add custom fields to the signup form...

  1. Go to Your Account > Readers > Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Reader Signup Custom Fields.
  3. Add labels and check the box to enable the fields you want to collect. You can also choose to require the field.
  4. Save.

The custom fields will be added to your signup and will also be included in your notification emails.

Reader signup form with custom fields

Automatic approval versus admin approval

The default behavior is to send new reader signups a welcome email with a temporary password immediately after they sign up. This allows new readers to sign up and gain access to your site without any approval process. 

You can choose the option to "Require a KnowledgeOwl admin to approve new reader access" to wait to send the welcome email and password pending approval. When a new reader signs up, they are requesting approval for access and will only get access after an admin user  approves them in KnowledgeOwl. 

Approve New Reader Signups

When a new reader sign ups, they will be added to Your Account > Readers in pending approval. You will see an alert on top of the Readers list if you have new readers awaiting approval, and you can filter the readers list to only view those pending approval by searching for "pending".

To approve the reader, click on the blue Pending icon (or edit the reader) and click on the link to "approve them here".

Here you can choose to give them access to the requested knowledge base and sent them the welcome email with a temporary password.

Manually Set Groups versus Auto-Assign Groups By Email Rules

New reader sign ups are not assigned to any reader group by default. Admin users can add new readers to groups manually after receiving a sign up notification or approval request, or you can create Email Groups to automatically assign readers to groups based on their email domain. 

To set up Email Rules...

  1. Go to Your Account > Readers > Groups.
  2. Click on Add Rule.
  3. Set up your rule by specify a name, domain, and what groups the domain should get.
  4. Click Save Rule. 

Note: Rules will only be applied when a new reader first signs up. To run the rules on  subsequent logins and allow rules to affect existing readers, choose "Override reader groups based on rule logic on each login" under Your Account > Readers  > Settings