Fix error for site owner on Contact Form

Error text

ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

Error location

This error may show up on your live Contact Form just before someone goes to submit to the form. It usually presents right next to the Back and Submit buttons:


This error is a reCAPTCHA error.

It generally occurs because you have set up a private domain in KnowledgeOwl, have set your Contact Form to require reCAPTCHA, but have not properly added a reCAPTCHA key and secret to Settings > Basic.


To remove this error, follow the instructions to add reCAPTCHA in Add reCAPTCHA.

All customers with this error will need to add a V2 reCAPTCHA key and secret. If you're using Widget 2.0, you'll also need to add a V3 reCAPTCHA key and secret. See the reCAPTCHA instructions for more details!