Snippet to force page breaks in PDFs

You can create a snippet that inserts a page break in your PDFs.

To set up your snippet...

  1. Go to Library > Snippets and click Create New Snippet.
  2. Name the snippet whatever you want. I called mine Page Break After and made the merge code name PageBreakAfter (no spaces is important!).
  3. I left the status as active and did not check either option. I do want my snippet in PDFs and I don't care about it in article blurbs.
  4. For the snippet content, copy and paste this code, which creates an empty paragraph with CSS to force a page break after it:
    <p style="page-break-after:always;"></p>
  5. Save Changes.

You can then add your snippet to your articles where you want a page break to be inserted. You can manually copy and paste your snippet merge code, but we also have a tool in the editor called Add Snippet where you can look up and insert your snippets by name. Your snippets will look  like this in your content: