Publishing Status

All articles have a Publishing Status. The six statuses available are:

  1. Draft (default status for newly created articles)
  2. Ready to Publish
  3. Rejected Draft
  4. Published
  5. Needs Review
  6. Deleted


An article in Draft status is not visible to readers. This is the default status when a new article is created.

Ready to Publish & Rejected Draft

The Ready to Publish and Rejected Draft statuses are optional statuses mainly used for workflow. Both of these statuses keep the article hidden from readers, like a Draft.

As an example, some articles need to be approved before being published. The person writing the article would switch the status to "Ready to Publish" once it is ready for approval. The approver would then review the article, and either Publish it if approved, or switch it to "Rejected Draft" if it still needs work. This is great for larger teams, or when external contributors write articles for your knowledge base. 


A Published article is visible to anyone with access to your knowledge base unless you have added additional restrictions to the article.

Needs Review

A Needs Review article is still visible in your knowledge base. A user can manually set an article's status to Needs Review as a reminder to review it, and there's also a feature that allows you to automatically switch published articles to needs review if the article hasn't been updated within a specified period of time. Users can view all articles with the Needs Review status in Knowledge Base > Manage.

This status is a great way of keeping your knowledge base up to date and relevant. Users may then regularly check for articles that require review, update them if necessary, and switch them back to Published status. 


Deleted articles are not visible on your knowledge base. Deleted articles can be accessed by navigating to Knowledge Base > Manage > Deleted.