Video upload errors

File upload errors are generally caused by one of two things:

  1. Files which are too big for KnowledgeOwl storage
  2. Files which have been corrupted in some way

Files uploaded to KnowledgeOwl cannot be bigger than 200MB. Uploading files larger than 200MB will throw an error.

If you have a file larger than 200MB, we recommend using another hosting provider to store this file. Depending on the tool, you can then either:

  • Insert a link to the URL of that file in your article
  • Use the hosting provider's embed tools to generate an embed code you can add to your article. For videos, you can use the Embedded Code option to paste the embed code from a video hosting platform into your article. See Embed videos for more information.
    Insert Video > Embedded Code

If the file you're uploading is under 200MB and it's still throwing an error, the file may be corrupted. Try opening it in the program you created it in, saving a new copy, and uploading that new copy.