Copy a knowledge base

If you have room on your account, you can create a copy of an existing knowledge base for a variety of purposes: testing/troubleshooting, translating, new versions of software, and as a template.

The following items will NOT copy over:

  • File library and labels (all images and files in the content of the new, copied knowledge base will link to the original source knowledge base's file library)
  • Synonyms
  • Revisions
  • Related Articles
  • Shared content relationships (though the articles/categories will be copied in full, just no longer linked) See Synced content in copied knowledge bases for steps in how to audit and re-create shared content

To copy your knowledge base:

  1. Go to Your Account > Knowledge Bases or click on the little owl in the top left of the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right of the knowledge base you want to copy.
    Note: if you do not have a gear icon, you do not have permission to copy a knowledge base. Contact your knowledge base administrator. If you see the gear but don't see the Copy option, your account does not have any available knowledge bases and you'll need to upgrade your subscription to make a copy.
  3. Click Copy.
  4. Give the copy a new name and URL. Leave the option to sync all the content unchecked unless you are sure you want to do this (see below).
  5. Click Copy Project.

You'll see a progress bar while the knowledge base is copied--larger knowledge bases take longer to copy. Once a copy exists, it usually takes about 2 hours for that copy to be fully indexed for search, so if you view the knowledge base and search doesn't return articles immediately, don't panic--this is normal!

If you've taken a copy of a knowledge base and would like to delete the original and move its files/update content links to files to the new knowledge base, please contact KnowledgeOwl support!

What does "sync all content" do?

Sync all content will create each top-level category in your new knowledge base with the existing top-level category in the source knowledge base. This effectively synchronizes all content changes between the two knowledge bases, so that updating content in one knowledge base (such as creating or deleting articles, editing article content, and so on) will also automatically update the synced knowledge base. See Synced knowledge base for how these syncs work.

In most cases, synchronizing all content is not the option you want to choose when copying a knowledge base. All copies will take a point-in-time copy of the original source knowledge base. If you leave "sync all content" unchecked, the two knowledge bases remain independent moving forward: edits to one will not impact edits to the other. Only check "sync all content" if you want the two knowledge bases to continue to mirror each other's content moving forward permanently.

If you've accidentally synced all content and did not mean to, please contact KnowledgeOwl support to fully unlink the knowledge bases.