Auto-assign groups by email rules

Note: These rules do not currently apply to readers that come through remote authentication or any of the other SSO options that we offer.

You can create rules to automatically assign readers to groups based on their email domain. 

A common use case is to assign all readers with internal email addresses to an internal reader group. For example, here is rule that assigns all readers with a "" email address to the "Support" reader group, giving them access to  content restricted to the group "Support".

Set up Email Rules

  1. Go to Your Account > Readers > Groups.
  2. Click on Add Rule.
  3. Set up your rule by specify a name, domain, and what groups the domain should get.
  4. Click Save Rule

Note: Rules will only be applied when a new reader first signs up. To run the rules on  subsequent logins and allow rules to affect existing readers, choose "Override reader groups based on rule logic on each login" under Your Account > Readers  > Settings