Comments reporting


All comments left on your knowledge base will go to Reporting > Comments.

Unless you've checked the box to Auto Approve comments (Settings > Comments), all comments must be moderated.

You can use the dropdown in the upper left to show comments by status:

  • Awaiting Approval: shows only new comments that need to be approved/deleted
  • Approved: shows comments that have already been approved
  • Deleted: shows deleted comments
  • All Comments: shows all comments, regardless of status

How do I know when there are comments pending approval?

There are two ways you'll know about new comments:

  • You'll see a callout number next to the Reporting menu option, as well as that callout number next to the Comments option in the Reporting dropdown.
  • If you've enabled email notifications for comments in Settings > Comments, the email address(es) you've added will receive an email.

Only approved comments will show in your knowledge base.

Approving or deleting comments

To view, approve, or delete comments submitted to your knowledge base:

  1. Go to Reporting > Comments.
  2. Use the dropdown in the upper left to filter to the comments Awaiting Approval.
  3. Check the boxes to select individual comments and then use the Approve or Delete links at the top to approve or delete.
    Sample comment approval

Approved comments will be visible to readers with the appropriate permissions. Deleted comments are stored but not shown.

Who can view, approve, and delete comments?

The default Writer and Editor roles have the power to view, approve, and delete comments.

If you'd like to have user accounts which don't have permission to approve or delete comments, create a custom role and set the Comments Permissions appropriately.

What happens when I delete a comment?

The comment is moved to the Deleted section of the Comments Reporting dashboard. If you'd like it permanently deleted from your account, contact us .