Reader management

A reader is anyone who can view your knowledge base. You can also create Reader Groups to segment readers and show different content to different readers. Learn how to create and manage your readers, groups, and signup options, and create filtered views of your readers.

Readers and reader filters

Learn how to navigate the Readers interface, create and edit readers, and create and edit reader filters.

Reader Groups

Learn how to use reader groups to segregate content.

Reader emails

Learn how to customize your reader welcome email, password reset email, and add your own SMTP to send the emails.

Reader security, passwords, and login options

Learn about the settings for reader password expiration and complexity, Google login, and SSO login for readers.

Reader signups

If your knowledge base is set up so that some or all readers must login to see content, you can allow your readers to sign up for access. This can help reduce administrative time and oversight so that readers can request access without you having to manually create accounts for them.

With signups enabled, your login page will show a link for those without an account to sign up for access:

Screenshot of a sample login page with the signup link highlightedSample login page with a sign up link

You have several options when adding signups:

  • You can have readers automatically granted a reader account as soon as they sign up OR require an admin to approve their access
  • You can choose to send email notifications when a new reader has signed up
  • You can include up to five custom fields to gather additional information about readers when they sign up
  • You can auto-assign new reader signups to reader groups based on their email address domain