Reader management

Create and manage your readers, groups, and signup options.


What's the difference between a user and a reader?
Learn the differences between users (who login to and readers (who access your knowledge base only).
Create a reader
Learn how to create a reader.
Create readers in bulk
You can create and/or update multiple reader accounts at once by uploading a CSV spreadsheet. Note : as soon as your import completes, your readers will receive a Welcome Email with login instructions, so if you're going to test the import, d...
Can I show different content to different readers?
You can use reader groups to display different content to different readers. Learn the high-level overview of how this feature works.
Reader password security
Set up admin-managed or self-managed reader passwords, restrict to specific IPs, and set the number of failed login attempts allowed.
What's the difference between admin managed and self-administered reader passwords?
Learn the difference between admin-managed passwords and self-administered passwords for reader accounts.
Set up self-administered reader options
Set rules for self-administered reader options, including password expiration, reuse, and complexity.
Allow Google log in for readers
You can allow readers to sign up for and log in to your knowledge base with their Google account. To set up Google log in for readers: Open up Settings > Security in KnowledgeOwl and Google  APIs and Services. Go to Settings > Securi...
Allow readers to log in using SSO
Allow readers to easily and securely log in using an existing set of credentials.