Wisdom Wednesdays Overview

Every two weeks, we host a Wednesday afternoon drop-in session online. We'll announce the topic for the session right here. Want an automatic email when we post a new session? Go back to the Wisdom Wednesdays category and click Subscribe in the upper right.   

The sessions are 30 minutes long, split into two sections:

  • First 10-15ish minutes: a walkthrough of whatever the topic is, led by one of our owls (recorded, so we can share for people who can't attend)
  • Remaining time: open Q&A session (unrecorded so you can feel free to ask whatever!)

You don't have to RSVP to attend, and you're welcome to join and leave at any time.

We'll share the recordings here in the Support knowledge base, so if you want to attend and can't, no big deal!

If you've attended a session, please send us some feedback on that session or ideas for future Wisdom Wednesdays,