Choose a category type

When you create or edit a category, you can choose between several different types of categories. Category types can be changed at any point in time by editing the category. 

The types of categories control :

  1. How the category landing page appears in the knowledge base
  2. How the category looks and functions in the table of contents 
  3. Whether or not you can have sub-categories within the category
  4. Whether or not this category will pull and sync content from another knowledge base

The five types of categories in KnowledgeOwl are:

  1. Default
    Displays articles in a simple list. Choose one of three sub-category display formats: title and description, sub-category panels, or content list. 
  2. Blog style
    Display a paginated list of articles with brief descriptions. Can only contain articles.
  3. Topic-based
    Displays the full text of all articles in a single page. Can only contain articles.
  4. Custom content
    Create a landing page from scratch like an article. This type of category will be available in search.
  5. Shared content
    Copy and sync a category and all its contents from another knowledge base.