Add glossary definitions in articles manually

In addition to automatically highlighting up to 10 glossary terms per article, you can also manually set up glossary definitions.  Manually setting up the glossary definitions give you the most control as you can specify when and where you want to define terms. It also allows you to provide definitions for variations of a words whereas the automatic highlighting must be an exact match.

To provide a definition for a term in an article,

  1. Make sure the glossary term and definition exist in the glossary. New terms can be added under Knowledge Base > Glossary.
  2. Highlight the word or phrase you want to provide a definition for, and click on the Add Glossary Term icon in the editor.
  3. Search for and select the glossary term, and optionally customize the text to be displayed. Once you insert the glossary term, you will see a double underline in the editor and the hover-over definitions can be viewed in preview or using the live link.