Learn about the features available in KnowledgeOwl.

Related Articles

Help your readers find related content by using our Related Articles feature.

Contact Form

Help your readers contact you or open tickets from your knowledge base.

Manage articles

Search, sort, filter, bulk edit, and export articles under Knowledge Base > Manage.


Capture feedback from your readers so you can identify content that is and isn't working well.

Article Favorites

If you're using individual reader accounts, you can allow your readers to favorite the content they care about the most for quick access.


Engage with your readers by allowing them to comment on your articles.


Populate a glossary with your own terms and provide contextual definitions through your knowledge base.

Broken link checker & report

Use the Broken Link Checker to generate a report of all the broken links in your knowledge base.

Customize Text tool

The Customize Text tool (IN BETA) will let you customize the default text strings we use at various places across your knowledge base. For our initial beta release, we've included Search and Table of Contents/Breadcrumb text strings only.


Enable subscriptions to let your readers subscribe to receive mail notifications of new/updated content.

Contextual Help Widget (2.0)

Embed a widget of your knowledge base in your website, company intranet, or web-based software application to show knowledge base content where your users need it most.


Create PDFs of individual articles, your entire knowledge base, or a selection of articles.

HTML Zip export

Create an HTML Zip export of your knowledge base for use as a back-up.

SEO guide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge field and is important for your public knowledge base. It’s a way of enhancing the findability of your content for your users and giving others the opportunity to discover your knowledge base.

Modern & Legacy Contextual Help Widget (deprecated)

As of August 2022, we have deprecated the Legacy and Modern widgets. See Deprecation of Modern & Legacy widget for more information.