What's the difference between an author and a reader?

Authors are people who can create, edit, and manage your knowledge base content. They have access to app.knowledgeowl.com. You pay for the authors on your account. There are two main types of authors:

  • Full Admin authors: Account administrators have access to everything in your account.
  • Non-admin authors: Non-admins are granted permissions by the admins on a per knowledge base level. For each knowledge base, an author can be an editor, a writer, have no access, or have a custom role.
    • Editors have access to all settings on a knowledge base, including settings, security, and styles.
    • Writers can only create and edit content (categories and articles).
    • Authors with no access will not be able to view a knowledge base in the back-end.
    • Non-admin authors can be given access to Readers.

Readers are people who can view your knowledge base. They don't have access to app.knowledgeowl.com. You can have an unlimited number of readers on your account.