Create Freshdesk Tickets

You can set up your contact form and embedded contact widget to automatically create tickets in your Freshdesk account. The contact form will then create ticket via the API as your specified user and include some helpful metadata in a private comment.

  1. Go to Knowledge Base > Contact Form.
  2. Click Enable Contact Form.
  3. Choose Freshdesk as your Send Method.
  4. Specify your Freshdesk domain and API Key.
    Note: this must be the domain. If your Freshdesk account uses a custom URL (like, don't enter that custom URL here. If you don't know your original freshdesk subdomain, you can go to, click the Forgot your helpdesk domain link, and enter your email address to find it. (It's also accessible in Freshdesk by checking the Portal settings.)
  5. Customize your Contact Form text.
  6. Save.