Add a print icon to the Glossary page

By default, the Glossary page doesn't include PDF, email, or print icons. If you'd like to add a print icon to the Glossary page, you can do so using these steps.

Create a snippet to generate the print icon

  1. Go to Library > Snippets.
  2. Click the + Create New Snippet button. If you're not familiar with creating snippets, refer to Creating a snippet.
  3. Use a Snippet Name like Glossary Print.
  4. Add a Snippet Description.
  5. Click the dropdown next to Snippet Content and select Code Editor.
  6. Copy the code below and paste it into the code editor:
      if($('.hg-glossary-page') && $('.hg-glossary-page').length >= 1) {
        $('.page-header').append('<span class="ko-article-actions"><a href="#" class="ko-js-print" title="Print"><i class="fa fa-print fa-fw"></i></a></span>');
  7. Click the Create button to finish creating your snippet.

Add that snippet to Settings > Style

  1. Copy the Merge Code Value of the snippet you created above.
  2. Go to Settings > Style.
  3. Below the preview pane, click the Custom HTML tab.
  4. Be sure that Body is selected from the dropdown.
  5. Paste your snippet merge code anywhere into the Body code editor pane (the bottom is always a good choice). 
  6. Be sure to Save your changes.

Once you save those changes, you'll see the print icon appear on your glossary page.