Adding images to articles: Legacy Editor

Images and screenshots can add examples and detail to your documentation. The process of adding files to articles differs a little between the Modern Editor and the Legacy Editor. Here, we walk through how to add images in the Legacy Editor.

To add images or files into your articles using our Legacy editor:

  1. Open your article in edit mode.
  2. Click on the Add File / Image button near the top.Screenshot showing the Legacy Editor with a callout to the Add File / Image button
    Legacy Editor Add File / Image button
  3. This will open the Add from Library pop-up, displaying the most recent files first.
    Screenshot showing the Add from Library pop-up that opens once Add File / Image is clicked
    Sample Add from Library pop-up in Legacy Editor
  4. To use an existing image in the File Library:
    1. If necessary, use the search bar at the top to search for the image you want to add.
    2. Click on the image to select it.
    3. Click the Insert File button to insert the image into your article.
      Add from Library search, selection, and button
    4. Select Save once you've added the images you want.
  5. To add a new file to your article and the library:
    1. Click the Upload New File button in the lower left corner.
      Upload New File button in lower left
    2. This will open an explorer window; navigate to the image you wish to upload, select it, and click the Open button in the lower right.
      Sample explorer window to find and select the file you want to upload
    3. You'll see the name of the file you selected for upload in the lower left. Make sure it's what you wanted. Then click the Insert File button to insert the file into your article.
      Uploaded file name replaces the Upload File button in lower left
    4. Select Save once you've added the files you want.