Use default categories

The default category type is the most common choice for organizing and displaying content. You can create both sub-categories and articles within a default category.

The landing page for a default category will automatically display the following:

  • Full category title
  • Category description
  • Sub-categories in one of three display formats
  • Articles in a simple list with the title and description

The three sub-category display formats are:

  1. Title and description
    Displays category titles and description in a simple grid format with 3 categories to a row.
  2. Sub-category panels
    Displays category titles in panels matching the home page base category panels with 3 categories to a row. Example: KnowledgeOwl More Help Category
  3. Content List
    Displays the title of each subcategory with a list of links to the first five sub-categories or articles in the categories. The total number of sub-categories and articles are displayed in parentheses with a link to view all. There is an option show all child content rather than the first five. Example: KnowledgeOwl API Documentation Category

After you set up your category, new content added within it will automatically be displayed in the chosen format.

The default settings for a default category are:

  • Title and description sub-category display type
  • Toggle option in the table of contents

If you choose to Quick Add a category, it will have the settings listed above.