Create a reader

Readers are users that can log in and view your knowledge base. Sites can be set up to allow readers to log in to view additional content or only allow readers with logins to access the site.

Readers can be assigned to groups that have access to specified content. All categories and articles can be viewable by all readers or only by specific reader groups, which can be set up under Your Account > Readers.

To create a reader...

  1. Go to Your Account > Readers.

  2. Click on Add a Single Reader.

  3. Specify a Login/Username. If you are using admin managed passwords, you will set up a  Password  too. If you are using self-administered passwords, the system will automatically send a welcome email with a temporary password. Password types and emails can be customized under Readers > Settings.

  4. (Optional) Assign the reader to the appropriate groups. Click Add Group to create a new group for the reader.
  5. Specify your Group Name.

  6. Click Create Group. The new group will be pre-selected as the Reader Group. 
  7. Select which Help Sites (knowledge bases) the reader will be able to access.
  8. Click Save to create the new reader.