Create a reader

Readers are people who can log in and view your knowledge base. You can configure your knowledge base to allow readers to log in to view additional content or to require readers to log in to access all content.

You can assign readers to groups that have access to specified content. All categories and articles can be viewable by all readers or only by specific reader groups, which can be created in Readers > Groups.

Only authors with either Full Admin Access or Admin access to readers can create new readers.

To create a reader:

  1. Click on your profile icon/name in the upper right.
  2. Select Readers from the dropdown to access the Readers area of your account.
  3. Click the + Add Single Reader button.
  4. This opens the Add Reader screen:
  5. Enter a Login/Username. This login / username needs to be unique.
  6. Optional: add your reader's first and last names.
  7. If your knowledge base uses self-administered reader passwords (the default), KnowledgeOwl automatically sends a welcome email with a temporary password.
    Not sure if you're using self-administered passwords? Check the Readers > Settings tab to confirm and see Set up password management for readers for more info.
    • Selecting the Assign a custom temporary password option lets you create a temporary password of your choice.
      Sample custom temporary password
  8. If you are using admin managed passwords, you will set up a Password.
    Not sure if you're using admin managed passwords? Check the Readers > Settings tab to confirm and see Set up password management for readers for more info.
  9. In Knowledge Base Access, add the knowledge bases this reader should access by clicking the + Add KB button and selecting the knowledge base. Repeat for all appropriate knowledge bases.
  10. Optional: Use the Reader Group Access checkboxes to assign this reader to Reader Groups.
  11. Optional: If you are using custom reader fields, complete the custom fields you're using with the appropriate info.
  12. Click the Create button to create the new reader.

A completed Add Reader form for a self-administered password, with one reader group, no custom fields, and one knowledge base might look like this:

Sample new reader