PDF overview

Your knowledge base supports three types of PDF exports:

  • Individual article PDFs: when viewing an article in your knowledge base, readers can download a PDF of that article using the same general styles as your knowledge base. This can be enabled/disabled for the entire knowledge base or individual articles.
  • Standard (Full knowledge base) PDF: Create a PDF file containing your entire knowledge base
  • Custom PDF exports: Create PDFs from selections of content in your knowledge base; great for things like onboarding guides, Getting Started, downloadable user manuals, etc.

Styling PDFs

By default, PDFs inherit the styles of your knowledge base. However, you can customize some styles (such as web fonts that don't generate in PDFs well) by adding custom CSS that references the .hg-pdf class.

For individual article PDFs, add overall layout/style changes in Settings > PDF. For Standard and Custom PDF exports, add overall layout/style changes in Knowledge Base > Exports in the appropriate tab.