September 27th: SMTP changes and Microsoft OAuth2 SMTP

Details for our next session:

  • Day: Wednesday, September 27th
  • Time: 2:00-2:30pm EDT
  • Link: 
  • Eventbrite link: You're not required to register, but if you live and die by your calendar and want some reminders about it, you can sign up here:
    • Anyone who signs up will get a personal email with the link to the recording after the fact, too!
  • Topic: This session will cover two recent major changes to our SMTP configurations: removing the configuration portion from individual knowledge bases into Your Account > SMTP so they can be reused, and adding support for Microsoft OAuth2 SMTP. This will include:
    • A basic overview of why we made the changes we made and what--if anything--you should do with your SMTP services.
    • For those of you using Microsoft in your SMTP, we'll talk a bit about what transitioning to OAuth2 looks like and what you'll need to talk to your IT admin about to get it set up.