Change your search bar placeholder

You can customize the text in your search bar placeholder using our Customize Text tool. To do so:

  1. Go to Tools > Customize Text.
  2. Select Search from the Knowledge Base Section dropdown.
  3. Find the row for "Search for articles..." (generally the top row!).
  4. Click the gear cog icon next to that row.
  5. Add the new placeholder text you'd like to display.
  6. Once you have the text as you'd like, be sure to select Update Text String.

The change will now be live in your knowledge base!

For more detailed instructions on working with the Customize Text tool, see Add or edit your own text string.

Other search-related text you can customize includes:

  • The global search bar placeholder ("Search for articles...")
  • The global search bar autocomplete call to action ("Hit enter to search")
  • The Search results... page header
  • All of the sort options on the search results page
  • Most of the metadata on the search results page
  • The No results found message
  • If you're using the options to Filter search by categories, all of the text related to those.