Access to the Header via Custom Head

Custom <head> is a powerful tool to help you customize your knowledge base. Here's a few examples:

Use your own custom favicon

These little guys are favicons:

And while you may really like our pretty purple logo (we certainly do!), you may not want to use our logo as your favicon. This is a perfect reason to use the append to head feature for your knowledge base.

To change the default favicon for your site paste the following code into the text box:

<link type="image/x-icon" href="{URL to your image}" rel="shortcut icon">

Replace the {URL to your image} part with an actual URL to a favicon and you will be all set. For best results, we recommend uploading the favicon image into KnowledgeOwl and getting the URL in that way.

Google Analytics

This is another great reason to use the append to head feature. While we offer some great reporting, you can also use more data and Google Analytics is a great way to get it. We use it in all of our knowledge bases to track overall usage.

To use Google Analytics log in to your Google Analytics account, go to Admin at the top, and then click on Tracking Code under .js tracking.

Copy the code that is shown there, paste it into the append to head section, save, and every page of your knowledge base will automatically start collecting data for you.

Does anything else go in there?

You can also paste your own style sheets, fonts, or external scripts here if you need them. Most people won't need to go down this path but for those who want to completely customize their knowledge base, this space is here for you.