Sharing files: embeds, links, and URL directs, oh my! (Feb. 1)

Details for this session:

  • Day: Wednesday, February 1st
  • Topic: We shifted back into best practices land to talk about the different ways you can share files within KnowledgeOwl. We've been fielding a lot of questions around this lately and thought it would be easiest to do a recorded session on it. We'll be covering things like:
    • How to embed files in your content
    • Providing links to files
    • Using URL redirects for files

If your knowledge base serves as a resource hub for a lot of files, this could be a great session for you to watch:

I stopped recording before we got into this discussion, but generally:

  • URL redirect articles can be great for files when people searching for them know that it's the file they need.
  • Using links or embeds is a better option if you want to provide context for what the file is, why you might need it, how to use it, etc.
  • Embedded iframes can be a good way to let people "preview" the file before they decide if they want to download it.