Three use cases for snippets (March 15th)

Details for our next session:

  • Day: Wednesday, March 15th
  • Time: 2:00-2:30pm EDT
  • Topic: Snippets are pieces of reusable text or code you can embed anywhere in your knowledge base. They can have a variety of uses, but in this Wisdom Wednesday, we discussed three fairly common use cases:
    • As text variables you can use in-line through your documentation, like the name of a product. This can be a fantastic timesaver if it's a word or phrase that you anticipate having to update a lot, since you can edit the snippet and have every place it's used automatically update with the new text!
    • For messaging consistency: Alerts, warnings, or other messages can be great candidates for snippets, and can save you from having to search to see how you've worded something somewhere else.
    • To embed scripts or other code that the Article Editor won't save properly: WYSIWYG editors are lovely tools, but sometimes they can be a little overly aggressive in cleaning up scripts or code formatted in certain ways. Snippets can help you sidestep these limitations.

If you've felt intimidated about creating your own snippets, or confused what they might be used for, these examples will give you a taste of how you can start using them today!

Here are the slides I referenced during this talk, too:

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