Add page numbers to PDFs

You can add page numbers to the header or footer of all PDF exports in KnowledgeOwl, though the exact setup varies a bit based on the type of PDF. All methods use this merge code: [pdf("page-number")]

Individual article PDFs

To add page numbers to your individual article PDFs:

  1. Go to Settings > PDF.
  2. Add PDF Header HTML or PDF Footer HTML that includes the [pdf("page-number")] merge code. Here, I've added a centered div that will create "Page [number]":
    This will add Page # to the center of the footer
  3. Be sure to Save your changes.

Standard & Custom PDF exports

For both the Standard and Custom PDF exports, you don't need to add full HTML. You can just add the page number merge code directly to the relevant field:

  1. Go to Knowledge Base > Exports
  2. Click on Standard PDF  to edit the full knowledge base standard PDF, or Custom PDFs and then the gear icon next to the custom PDF you'd like to add page numbers to.
  3. Add the [pdf("page-number")] merge code into the Content footer left, center, or right, depending on where you'd like it. Here, we've added it to the center to get the same treatment as in the individual PDFs above:
    This will add Page # to the center of the footer
  4. Be sure to Save and generate your PDF export.