Required Reading overview

If you use individual reader accounts (either directly within KnowledgeOwl or via Single Sign-on or remote authentication), you can enable Required Reading. This allows you to set certain articles as required, with a start date as to when they are required.

When a reader views an article that is required, they'll see a message in the article itself and a checkbox to acknowledge that they've read and understood it.

Required reading articles include a flag at the top of the article and an acknowledgement section with a checkbox at the bottom

We track the date of their acknowledgement and the approximate reading time, and you can export that information in Reporting > Required Reading.

Readers can see all articles marked as Required Reading by navigating to the Required Reading page in your knowledge base. You can also choose to include a Required Reading article list on your home page.

You decide where you want the required flag message and the required acknowledgement checkbox to appear in your articles, and you can use Customize Text to tweak the wording for each to fit your knowledge base. See Enable and configure Required Reading for full details on using the feature!

And if you make updates to the article and need to re-require readers to read and acknowledge those changes, add a new start date and the article will appear to readers as needing their attention again.

Required Reading can be a great way to confirm and track that employees are reading updated policies and procedures, or to have a set of required articles for new hires or department onboarding.

You cannot set articles in topic display categories, URL redirect articles, or custom content categories to be required. If you're interested in marking topic display categories' articles or custom content categories as required, please contact us and let us know you'd like to be added to our feature requests for this functionality!