Add an existing tag to an article

Creating a new tag is not always the same thing as adding a tag to an article.

Our default Editor and Writer roles have permission to add existing tags to articles and to create new tags. If you're using a custom author role, that role must have the Tag Permission to Add existing tags to articles but might not have the ability to Add new tags. (If you have both permissions, you can start typing and then create a new tag or select an existing; if you only have the ability to add existing tags to articles, you can only start typing and select from existing tags.)

To add an existing tag to an article:

  1. In the article editor and in select category editors (topic display and custom content), click in the Tags input box below the editor.
  2. Start typing the name of the tag. As you type, you'll get a list of autosuggested matching tags. You can use the arrow keys + Enter or click with your mouse to select the tag you'd like to add.
    Find existing tags by typing part of the tag and selecting the tag you'd like to add
  3. Once you've finished adding tags, be sure to Save the article or category you're working in.

Pro-tip: You can also add existing tags in bulk by pasting in a comma-separated list. For example, pasting in "alpha,bravo,charlie,delta" will add the tags "alpha", "bravo", "charlie", and "delta". If you paste in a tag that is already added to the article, the duplicate is detected and removed. See Create a tag for more details.