Create a custom reader filter

In addition to the five Standard filters on the Readers page, you can also create custom filters. These can be useful for auditing or reporting purposes.

Authors must have the Full Admin Access or Access to readers permissions to view this page and create custom filters.

To create a custom filter:

  1. Click on your profile icon/name in the upper right.
  2. Select Readers from the dropdown to access the Readers area of your account.
  3. Click the Create New Filter button to create a new custom filter. This will open a menu where you can configure the custom filter.
  4. Name (required): This is the name that will be displayed in the filter dropdown.
  5. Last Active (optional): This dropdown lets you filter by the date/time stamps in the Last Activity column. The options include
    •  "Since xxx" filters, which will show you readers who have been active since the date you select
    • "Prior to xxx" filters, which will show you readers who were active before the selected date
    • "Custom" filters, which allow you to set specific Start and End Dates
  6. Created (optional): This dropdown lets you filter by the date the reader's account was created. The options match those for the Last Active filter above.
  7. Pending approval checkbox (optional): Check this box to view only reader accounts that are pending approval. Only relevant if you are using reader signups and require administrator approval for sign-ups.
  8. Include only SSO readers checkbox and Exclude SSO readers checkbox (both optional): These two checkboxes allow you to set the filter to include only readers logging in through SSO (Include only SSO readers), or to show all readers who are not logging in through SSO (Exclude SSO readers).
  9. Status (optional, defaults to Active only): You can choose whether to display Active readers, Deleted readers, or both.
  10. Groups (optional): Check the boxes here to view readers who belong to specific reader groups.
    • The No Groups checkbox will filter to display only readers who are assigned to no groups at all.
  11. Site access (optional): Check the boxes here to view only the readers who are assigned to specific knowledge bases.
  12. Click the Create Filter button to finish creating the filter, or hit Cancel to close the filter without saving.
  13. Once you create a custom filter, it will appear in the filter dropdown, alphabetically listed under the Custom subheading.

Here's a sample filter which will display all active/non-deleted readers who are not logging in through SSO and have access to the KnowledgeOwl support knowledge base: