Article look and feel

Change the way content displays in articles: style numbered lists, add tables of contents, create tabs or accordion sections, and more.


Article Table of Contents
Learn how to use a script to automatically generate an article table of contents based on headers.
Split up article content into tabs
Learn how to use a script to display article article content in tabs based on your article's headers.
Create expanding/collapsing sections in an article
Learn how to use scripts to create accordion expanding/collapsing sections of content in your articles.
Using H5 and H6 as Standard Formatting
If your content doesn't naturally include H5 and H6 level headers, you can add some custom styling to convert these headers to other styles, great for different colored fonts, etc.
Adjust Line Spacing
Change the default line spacing/line-height of content in your articles using global Custom CSS.
Format numbered list spacing and borders
Use Custom CSS to change the default spacing and border styles for lists. The example here is for numbered lists.
Customize nested numbered list styles
Use custom CSS styles to globally set how your nested numbered list items display.
Use thumbnails and banner images
Learn how to add article thumbnail or banner images to your article layout template.
Setup a JavaScript redirect
If you don't want to use our URL redirect features, use a JavaScript redirect to direct an article to a different URL.
Fix Email Article for Articles with Apostrophes
Customers using our older themes can update their Article HTML template to better support emailing articles with apostrophes in the title.
Conditional content based on tags
Learn how to use a script to display snippet contents based on the tags added to an article. This requires some coding skills but can be a great add-on to your knowledge base.