Add a Required Reading link to Table of Contents

Settings > Required Reading currently doesn't have an option to automatically add a link to the Required Reading page into your Table of Contents. If you're interested in this as a feature, please contact us to request it!

In the meantime, we suggest creating a URL Redirect category to add it to your Table of Contents. To do so:

  1. In Articles, create a new category.
  2. Add a Category Title. If you've kept the default settings, use Required Reading. If you've customized the text, match whatever you've entered for the Required Reading page title.
  3. Select URL Redirect category for the style of landing page.
  4. In the External URL box, add your knowledge base home page URL and add /required-reading to it. So, for example, if I'm setting this up here in our Support KB and I've renamed my Required Reading page to be Mandatory materials, here's what my Add Category pop-up might look like:
    Sample URL redirect category setup for our renamed Required reading page
  5. Select Add and Edit to open the new category for editing.
  6. OptionalIf you want this link to display in the Table of Contents only (and not on on your knowledge base homepage), in the Content Restrictions section, check the box to Hide from home page.
  7. Optional: If you want to display the category on your homepage and you're using category icons, be sure you add a category icon!
  8. Save and go Back to the Articles page.
  9. Use the arrow to drag and drop the new category wherever you'd like it to appear in your table of contents. (We recommend putting it near the top if your table of contents is long!)