Sync behavior in shared content categories

The shared content category allows you to pull in and sync the content from a category in a separate knowledge base. You must have access to both knowledge bases to set up this kind of category.

This category type is useful when you are maintaining separate knowledge bases and have content that needs to be shared between them.

The original category is called the parent, and the synced category is called the child. Some content automatically syncs when changed in either the parent or child, while other actions don't result in synced content:

  • Updating a synced article in either the parent or child updates the content in both knowledge bases, so you only need to maintain one set of articles.
  • When you add new content to the parent category using + Add Article or + Sub-Category, KnowledgeOwl automatically adds it to the child. 
  • New content added to the child category is not added to the parent.
  • Content that is moved into the parent (for example, by dragging and dropping an article in the content menu) does not automatically appear in the child category.
  • When you delete a synced article in the parent, KnowledgeOwl also deletes it from the child.
  • Synced content can be deleted from the child without affecting the parent.