KB Merge Codes

Here are the available template merge codes in the KB merge codes list, which you can use in any of the Settings > Style, Custom HTML templates. Many can also be used directly within individual articles, categories, and subcategories.

Template Merge CodeDescriptionExample
[template("article-tags")]Creates a Tags: [hyperlinked tags] list for an article or category wherever it's used. The "Tags:" test is controlled by a setting in the Customize Text tool.
Tags: search subscription
[template("article-tag-names")]Creates a comma-separated list of the article tag names associated with a given article or category.
[template("project-logo")]Inserts the knowledge base logo set in Settings > Style. Used in the Default Top Navigation HTML
Knowledge Base Logo
[template("project-name")]Inserts the knowledge base's name, as set in Settings > Basic. Used in the Default Top Navigation HTML.
KnowledgeOwl Support
[template("contact")]Adds the link to Contact Form. Should be added somewhere in your knowledge base if you're using the Contact Form.
Contact Us
[template("glossary")]Creates a link to the Glossary page.