Access the Required Reading page

With Required Reading enabled, readers will see the flag and acknowledgement on all articles marked as required. This works great once they're in an article, but we also provide a single page to display all Required Reading articles across your knowledge base: the Required Reading page.

This page is automatically created when Required Reading is enabled. You can access it by going to your homepage URL and adding /required-reading to the web address. (So, for example, if we had it enabled here in our Support knowledge base, you could head to to view ours.)

Here's a sample:

This page lists all articles marked as required, with those most recently added as required at the top.

The page adjusts based on which reader is viewing it: it adjusts the Required vs. Acknowledged icons next to each article based on the reader's acknowledgement history.

The page will open from the "See more..." link in the Required Reading article list. If you'd like to add it to your table of contents or your homepage, you can also consider creating a URL redirect category for your Required Reading list.

Want to change the page title or the labels for "Required" and "Acknowledged"? The text in this page can be customized using the Customize Text tool.