Standard PDF export (Full PDF Download)

The Standard PDF Export creates a PDF of all Published and Needs Review articles in your entire knowledge with a clickable table of contents. This PDF can optionally be displayed at the bottom of your table of contents to allow your readers to download an offline version of your content.

The Standard PDF can be customized with the following options:

  • Customizable cover page
  • Choose whether to include restricted content
  • Exclude video content
  • Specify A4 vs. US Letter page size
  • Add a watermark and/or a password
  • Add a custom footer

This Standard PDF will not automatically update as your content is updated; to ensure it's up-to-date, you'll want to periodically come into Knowledge Base > Exports, and click the Save & Regenerate PDF Export button.

What does include all private content do?

By default, the Standard PDF settings will leave the "Include all private content" box unchecked. With the box unchecked, the PDF will only include published content that has no reader group restrictions. If your Standard PDF is missing categories, it's likely because of this setting!

If you'd like the Standard PDF to include categories and/or articles that are restricted to reader groups, check this box and regenerate the PDF.