Modern Widget + Zendesk Contact Form

As of August 2022, we have deprecated the Legacy and Modern widgets. See Deprecation of Modern & Legacy widget for more information.

If you set up the Zendesk contact form integration, using the Contact Us button in the Modern Widget will open a ticket in your Zendesk site, just like using the full contact form in the knowledge base.

If you are using the Zendesk contact form integration with Modern Widget, you might see an email address selector. This issue occurs if you:

  • Previously had the Contact Form configured to send to an email address AND
  • You had set up multiple email addresses to send to

To fix this issue:

  1. Go to Knowledge Base > Contact Form.
  2. Switch the form's Send Method back to Email Address.
  3. Select the option next to "Send all tickets to one address":
    Toggle back to "Send all tickets to one address" and Save.
  4. Save.
  5. Now switch your Send Method back to Zendesk.
  6. Ensure it's properly configured.
  7. Re-save.