Make multiple articles required

If you have multiple articles you'd like to mark as required, you can either choose to edit them individually or you can use the Bulk Edit feature in Knowledge Base > Manage to mark them all required at once.

All editor

To bulk edit multiple articles to mark them as required:

  1. Go to Knowledge Base > Manage.
  2. If necessary, use a Standard or Custom filter and/or search to display the articles you want to mark as required.
  3. Check the boxes next to the articles you'd like to mark as required.
  4. Click the Bulk Edit link.

  5. In the Bulk Edit Articles pop-up, in the Add Options section, check the box next to Add to required reading.
  6. Once you check the box, a Start Date field will appear. Use the date picker to select the date you'd like to use as the Start Date for the required reading. (When all else fails, use today's date!)

  7. Make any other bulk edit selections you'd like.
  8. Once you've done making your selections, select the Update Articles button to begin the bulk edit.

Once your bulk edit is complete, all articles you selected will be marked as Required and have the Start Date set to whatever date you selected.

You cannot set articles in topic display categories or URL redirect articles to be required. Bulk Edits on these articles won't go through.

For more information on all the options in the Bulk Edit pop-up, see Bulk editing articles in Manage.